Our Work

Our work

We offer a service, not fixed products or templates. All clients are different and the issues they face unique. We consider briefs carefully and make appropriate recommendations, based on our extensive experience, after conducting initial research. We are London-based but internationally-focussed and have exceptionally well-developed coverage in emerging and frontier markets with a particular focus on the former Soviet Union, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

Profiling and screening

The profiling and screening of over 400 ultra high net worth individuals, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and leading businessmen from around the world seeking to deposit funds with a Swiss private bank.

Political Landscape Mapping

An exercise, on behalf of an investment bank, to comprehensively map the political landscape of a West African country. The focus of the project was the country’s infrastructure and banking sectors and related government ministries. The task was to obtain a clear picture of the local operating environment and identify any risks (commercial/regulatory/reputational) that might be associated with our client’s intended involvement in the country.

Security, Political and Reputational Risk

The investigation, for a leading investment bank, of a large number of individuals, entities and transactions around the world to assess the level of security, political and reputational risk that would be involved in engaging/acquiring/adopting/establishing correspondent relationships with, such parties.

Risk and Security Review

A comprehensive risk and security review for one of Switzerland’s wealthiest families, its holding structures, investment vehicles, offices and key personnel. The review covered both physical and technical security and the use of intelligence gathering and risk assessment procedures and the ways in which business partners, third parties and investment opportunities were vetted and assessed for reputational/security/regulatory risks. The aim was not to criticise existing doctrine, policies or personnel, but to assess how effective current levels of security cover and risk management were, and where possible, to suggest ways to enhance/supplement these without impacting negatively on the lives of the principals and senior staff.

Asset Search and Seizure

Searching for and seizing assets derived from the proceeds of crimes perpetrated by criminal and/or paramilitary individuals/structures, on behalf of, and in conjunction with, a UK government agency, international accountancy and law firms and insolvency practitioners.

Entity Profiling

The profiling of local representatives/agents used in a large number of different jurisdictions around the world by a leading defence contractor. The brief was to check for indications of illegal conduct, criminal association, corrupt practice, inappropriate political involvement or other problematic issues in order to guard against reputational damage/legal risk/regulatory censure. Findings were presented both in the context of the local operating environment and best practice in the UK (Bribery Act)/US (FCPA).

Infrastructure Sector Assessments

An assessment of the Brazilian infrastructure sector, and three of its largest groups, for a UK-listed client. The brief was to map the wider commercial and political environment and then focus on the operating history and reputation of each group and its senior personnel, in anticipation of a significant joint venture. Insights were obtained at a senior level from contacts in key spheres (politics/government/private sector/state-controlled entities) across the country.

Market Entry Intelligence Reports

The preparation of Market Entry Intelligence Reports on 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa for the senior management of a US Hedge Fund. The objective was to provide an authoritative and current overview of the political, regulatory, commercial and social landscape in each country, and thereafter the level of opportunity and risk in specific sectors and a number of pending potential projects/investments. These reports acted as a foundation for the client’s Africa Investment Initiative for which Risk Analysis continues to provide specific ‘deal-flow’ intelligence.